All you truly need to begin dealing weed is your brain, your gut and some weed to deal. It gets confusing and troublesome if you don’t have an exact method for measuring or something to put the weed in (i.e. baggies). Baggies, clearly, are easy to find, yet a decent scale is most certainly not. You can purchase balance or spring scales at headshops or online for under $30 and regularly under $10 however they’re not sufficiently precise, they break fast, and they’re hard to use. One of these may be beneficial for you in the event that you don’t know whether you truly need to get into the business long term, or in the event that you simply want estimate size of the sacks and aren’t in it for the cash.

A decent scale, similar to these two examples, will go for over $100, yet if you treat it right it will last for a considerable length of time to come.

A triple beam scale is likewise a option, however they are bigger and more hard to use, they are pretty much as exact as a digital scale at little weights yet stay precise up to a pound or more.

To test a scale for precision, find a perfect nickel, which ought to weigh out to 5.0 or 5.1 grams. A penny ought to weigh precisely 2.5 grams. Dollars are an even gram.

Whatever you do, don’t take a scale from your school’s science office. Besides, in case you get caught, most school authorities are will know why you needed it.

If you have no scale, you have the alternative of eyeballing the sacks straight from your stash, which is bad, unless you simply don’t care at all. The advantage to eyeballing every one of your sacks each time is that you neither have a scale nor pre-measured sacks in your ownership, and in the event that you are busted with a few ounces all in one sack, it’s troublesome for the police to prove you were dealing it.

Another choice, is to use your hookups scale at the time that you purchase your supply. This raises the issue of having pockets full of measured packs, which obviously is less secure than having it all in one sack, in light of the fact that in case you’re busted, it’s easier for the police to prove that you wanted to sell it. If your guy is willing to drive the weed to your home and lend a scale to you, this is the perfect situation.

Another alternative is to purchase a measured ounce (it’s best to watch the individual measure it out), then just break it into eight equivalent amounts, get a homie to ensure they’re all even. They won’t be 100%, but it will even out. You won’t scam anybody and you won’t lose out yourself.

You can ofcourse use something else if you don’t have any baggies. I’ve seen numerous dealers use cellophane from a cigarette pack, dissolved shut with a lighter. Then again you can make every one of your clients bring their own particular compartments.

Another valuable bit of gear is a safe. No need to buy it instantly. Not until you’re sure that you comprehend what you’re doing. A decent safe can run a couple of hundred dollars, and a flame resistant one is more. I had a straightforward lock-box at a certain point, however despite everything somebody broke into my home and pried it open with a screwdriver. So after that I purchased a genuine safe. Until then, simply conceal your stash well, and don’t give anybody a chance to see where you put it.

Then again, in case you’re that worried over your clients, mates or flat mates stealing from you, perhaps you have to change your clients.

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