One awesome alternative option for delivery via vehicles is to ride a bike. But you must follow the bike rules, police 99% of the time won’t target you. See whether there’s a helmet law in your general vicinity, and if there is, suck it up and wear one or at least when you’re making a sale.

Keep in mind that laws differ from state to state so you’ll need to check laws in your general area. In my area, it’s okay for the police to pull over a bicyclist for not having lights or noticeable reflectors, but there is no helmet law. The police can pull you over if you are riding on the road, however if you’re on the walkway and taking after walker rules, they can’t do anything. You can travel fast through parks and forest roads, where cops don’t have a tendency to go, however pot smokers do.

So the primary concern to not forget on a bike is to stay within the laws. Ensure your front light and back light have enough battery energy to last your journey.

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