It’s weird that after I began pushing heaps of pot, I began dressing like a Prep. I quit purchasing Ecko shirts and began wearing the “tall-tee” shirts, and began ensuring my jeans weren’t tore and monstrous. I’ve never gone worn slacks and a crocodile shirt, yet I’ve unquestionably wanted to. I chose purchasing preppy clothes would not be a smart thought since it would be not easy for me to act characteristic in such dramatic apparel.

Yet, I ought to say, that those of you who have a purple Mohawk, coats with spikes and shrekt pants, that police and society judges by their clothes. You can give yourself an advantage by putting on some better clothes and a long sleeve shirt to cover your tattoos. Clearly when you’re not carrying huge amounts of drugs, there’s no motivation to stress over your attire, however, you prefer not to differe so much that you pull in too much attention to yourself, or make your neighbors wonder why you’re dressing like a preppy one day and a punk the following.

Weed Wizard