I’d say that as a rule, whatever spot where you have the most control is the best place to make your sales. For most, this is in our own homes. Sadly there may be family or flat mate to think about, or in the event that you have weapons in your home or are inside 1,000 feet of a school, or need to make multiple arrangements in limited amount of time, you may want to choose delivering as opposed to having people coming to your home. Great merchants find a harmony between the two, yet as a learner, it’s best to stay with what makes you comfortable.

Delivering by car is safe as long as you don’t break the law, and your vehicle is up to code. Check your taillights, brake lights, head lights, and tag light (I’m not kidding about this last one. I’ve been hauled over for a worn out tag light.) Wear your safety belt and make sure that your travelers are wearing theirs. Try not to go more than 4 miles over the limit, yet don’t look suspicious by going 7 miles under. Keep in mind to utilize your turn signal. Keep your music volume and bass at a sensible levels.

Now and then i see youngsters driving with simply their left hand on the wheel. They think it looks cool, but it doesn’t, it looks stupid and attracts unnecessary attention, particularly of the law enforcement.

What I’m trying to say is don’t give the police any reason to pull you over, and don’t draw in attention to yourself.

How you car looks is also vital. Boring, normal looking cars are generally best. Costly vehicles draw in attention, as do crappy cars. Keep away from hostile bumper stickers, or anything about your vehicle that would give shit first impression of you.

On the topic of tinted windows. Despite everything I haven’t chosen how I feel about tinted windows. For myself, I’ve never made an sale inside my vehicles and I won’t smoke pot while driving, so I would never need tinted windows. Police unquestionably single out individuals with tinted windows, and the overall population is more suspicious of tinted windows, however in the event that it’s important for you to smoke in your car or making sales inside it, tinted windows isn’t an awful idea.

I’m certain a large portion of you aren’t going to go out and purchase a car with the end goal of dealing, however in the event that you are going to purchase one later on, these are things to remember.

When having weed in a car, the trunk is best. Cops can’t search a trunk as effectively as they can search whatever is left of your car, and if you stuff your weed under a heap of sweat-soaked hockey gear, or something else that is somewhat gross, a cop is going to feel less inclined to search through it.

I wouldn’t smoke in a car. It doesn’t take long to locate a good spot, and it’s a considerably more safe. I for one would never smoke pot while driving, just cuz of the fact that I’m not an adequate enough driver to drive it without swerving. I do, sometimes smoke inside my car when it’s cold and i’ve stopped.

Simply remember that in the event that you get pulled over, or a cop hangs close you while you’ve stopped, only the smell of pot can be reasonable justification to pursuit you and your car. On the off chance that you exhibit that you know your rights, cops will for the most part need another bit of proof before they search you.

Don’t forget that in the event that you are ever pulled over, NEVER CONSENT TO A SEARCH, regardless of the fact that they swear they can and will get a court order. Simply don’t be a dick about it.

Police can of course seize you car when they establish that you dealt out of it. They don’t need hard proof. The same danger applies to owning your own home, yet my theory is that seizing somebody’s house is something the police aren’t prone to without solid proof, as something to that effect could draw attention to the outrages of the war on drugs.

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