I think that its interesting how many people email me and ask me what a decent sack ought to weigh, without letting me know the state or country that they live in, as if there is an national value guide for weed sellers.

Yet, when I recollect my beginning of selling, I understand I didn’t exactly know how significantly costs and quality could change simply going to another city. Having an understanding on reasonable weights is critical to a starting street dealers. It’s best to ask around. Get a couple of alternate points of view from people who have sold or purchased pot in your general area.

In the United States, pot is normally purchased in ounces and pounds. One of the most widely bought amount is a quarter pound or “Q.P.” A Q.P. is clearly the same as four ounces (sixteen ounces in a pound) and weighs 112 grams. In my area, a Q.P. keeps running about $800-$1000 for not too bad B.C. bud, and less for the Mexican trench weed.

An ounce measures 28 grams, in my general area running about $260. An eighth of an ounce, generally just called an “eighth”, ought to be 3.5 grams. In my area, an eighth expenses $40. $40 and $20 (once in a while called a “Dub”) sacks in some cases are not weighed to their right weight. On the off chance that you anticipate under-measuring an eighth at 3.3 grams, for instance, it’s not suitable to call it an eighth, because it’s definitely not. I propose telling the client and apologizing each time you offer an under-measured sack. Likewise with $5 sacks (“nickel pack”) and $10 sacks (“dime sack”), their weights shift significantly from person to person and city to city.

When you start understanding how you’re going to manage your business, take a seat with calculator and make sure you understand the math, and the amount you have to measure your sacks keeping in mind the end goal to make some money, and the amount you hope to gain per sale. If you suck at math, get someone to help you. This sounds tedious, yet I’ve seen individuals get ripped off and lose cash since they didn’t the math behind narcotics distributing. Clearly, if you measure your sacks too light, people will begin shopping some place they can get a reasonable bag however in the event that they’re too heavy, you won’t profit.

In my general vicinity, an ounce goes for $240-$280. At $40 for eight eighths, that turns out to $320 with a profit of $40-$80. I figure a %10-%20 profit is sensible, depending on how much you have to deal.

For most weed salesmen, a twenty sack is not worth the time or the risk. At 1.7 grams, your profit is typically going to be under $5 or $6. Since each deal you make can draw in the cops (particularly if you sell out of your home), the more deals you make, the more risk you’re taking, so clearly, the bigger deals are more vital than the littler ones. When you you’re making more than a few deals a day, my suggestion is to not deal anything under $40.

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