The perfect client calls amid your typical hours (not at 5:00 AM when he knows you’re sleeping or at work) and says something like, “Hey, do you mind if i come over?” Since the peson did not give any explanation behind the visit, you can assume he needs to purchase some pot.

The best is if he actually has some other reason to come and see you. This can bring about complications in the event your out of pot. Try not to let somebody to drive to your home just to tell them you’re out. That is simply impolite.

So when you’re out, you should think before hand of what to say to tip them off, or basically a reason to why you can’t hang out. Simply saying, “I’m not going to be accessible for two or three days,” ought to normally suffice. The issue comes when your friends are your clients (and this is generally the perfect circumstance) and you don’t know whether they need to hang out with you or they’re simply want pot. When you can’t help a man for some time, make sure to call them when you at long last can. It’s exceptionally amateurish to not call when you say you will.)

(An awful client will frequently why you’re not accessible, ask if you can meet in a parking lot quickly, or just needs to make a trip for five minutes. A decent client, then again, is understanding and can take “no” for an answer, and will say something like, “Simply call me when you want to hang out.”)

When your good client arrives, he does not leave their car running, does not leave some other person waiting up in their car, and do not bring anyone with them if you haven’t okayed it.

(A terrible client won’t consider your safety and do what they feel like.)

If you already have people at your place, your good client will sit tight for you to bring up the subject of weed before asking to buy. It’s frequently a smart idea to have something to keep them from getting bored. Cook your clients some food, or have TV on to have them entertained. Games, magazines, or a decent glass bong ought to regularly keep somebody occupied long enough to keep the visit from looking suspicious. Short visits attract cops to your house.

Some would say that it’s inconsiderate for the client not to smoke out the dealer. Be that as it may, I’ve found that it’s generally great clients that say this, and not sellers. When you offer a sack at a specific cost and weight, you’ve effectively understood what you ought to make, and measured the sack in such manner. My hypothesis is that dealers have to have their own weed to smoke. Smoking pot is not a big deal to a dealer, but for a client it might be expensive.

As the client is going out, he does not shout “thank you”, so that the neighbors can hear, like as he did not thank you over the phone.

Later, when your good client is smoking the pot he got from you, he does not specify where it came from, and declines to say your name or give any signs about you to anybody with the exception of your dearest friends. However, it’s exceptionally hard to know whether someones talking about you.

So don’t forget these things when you’re re-supplying yourself. You should also do all that you can to please your wholesaler. In the event that you take after every one of the principles, he will trust you, feel comfortable dealing to you and give you better offers.

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