There’s one problem when writing a drug dealers manual, there are too many variables involved that are very hard to explain. This is one of the toughest segments to write about.

Essentially, if people like you and trust you, they’ll be willing to sell to you, and ideally give you reasonable offers. On the off chance that they don’t care about you or don’t trust you, they will for the most part claim that they don’t deal pot, or that they happen to be out.

So how would you get them to like and trust you? My best guidance for this is the best guidance for dating also: simply act naturally. Be transparent. A decent dealer will trust their gut, and in case you’re acting fake, he’ll probably know.

At that point just ask everyone you can think of, beginning with the general people you definitely know have pot, or know heaps of individuals who do. I’ve discovered hookups from extremely unlikely peple. Also, remember so called 6 amendments. Study them. It’s best to follow each and every one.

1. Mind your dealers and their paranoia. He’s risking a lot more than you selling you weed.

2. Never appear without calling.

3. Never bring over new people. Try not to bring your kids, as the punishments for carrying out crimes before kids are even greater. Try not to leave anybody waiting in a car, regardless if you parked close.

4. Never say anything via phone, even something like “would you be able to help me out with something?” If the cops have a telephone tapped, they’re going to hear what you’re saying. Most dealers require their clients to keep their mouths closed on the phone, saying nothing more than “Can i come over?” Even if you don’t think you said enough, trust me dealers understand.

5. Only ask about drugs in privacy or if he brings it up himself. Just because dealer hangs out with you doesn’t mean he trusts you.

6. Never stay more than 30 minutes in a dealers home. One common way that people get busted is by having too many clients coming and going from their home. Weed dealers are people, not open markets.

These six principles are the things that will annoy a merchant and make them quit selling to you if you don’t follow them, in addition bring more risk for both of you. The following are my proposals on the proper behavior to improve the dealers attitude towards you.

1. Never beg or act desperate. Dealers for the most part feel uncomfortable selling to individuals who don’t have healthy relationship with their product.

2. Act naturally. Try not to attempt to act youthful and hip in case you’re old. Try not to act black in case you’re white. Don’t pretend you know about the drug if you really don’t.

3. Try not to be greedy. The initial few sacks that you purchase from a distributor will be the littlest. Once your merchant becomes accustomed to you, he will likely give you better bags, however the initial few purchases are the most essential in the event that you wish to make an enduring relationship. Light bowls with the merchant, or offer to smoke a bowl out of your sack. Don’t complain. Simply purchase it or don’t purchase it, yet apologize for wasting their time on the off chance that you don’t want it.

There’s some thing you can do to look more pro. Having cash on you is a huge plus. Face your bills in one direction for easier counting and organization.

All in all you must know the right individuals, and you must have great social skills. Only you know if you have those.

When you find a dependable dealer, it’s best to attempt to stay in touch, regardless of the fact that you purchase from others as well. The more suppliers you have the more rivalry they will have and the more probable they’ll offer you better deals.

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