I don’t want to use the word “business” here as I don’t urge anybody to take weed selling as a legit career path. It’s much more secure to run it as a side thing. You need focus on different things throughout your life. Drug selling is an awesome approach to work your way through school, yet gets to be much more unsafe when it’s your only job, and just a chosen few can make last, making a well-paying professions out of it will in the end get you busted.

Keep in mind, drug selling is not a get-rich-fast scheme. When you get greedy, the cops begin to pay attention. My suggestion is to keep it small and safe, simply helping your mates, and be content with the little part you’re doing to battle government oppression.

Having said all that, lets be real though most of us aren’t dealing weed to be noble and battle oppression; we’re doing it to profit.

So for those of you who wish to become larger, my proposal is to take it gradually. Get used to purchasing quarter pounds before you begin purchasing half pounds. Be mindful of who you purchase from. Keep in mind your safety since you’re looking for a greater cash flow. I’ve seen a great deal of pushers get blinded by the cash and fame, and simply the rush of making greater and greater deals, until they turn out to be overly egoistic and wind up going down hard. This happened to me.

At the point at which you begin averaging more than a few sales each day then it’s time for a change. Begin declining the small deals, particularly the five and ten sacks. For each deal you make, you attract attention to yourself, yet offering an ounce doesn’t draw in significantly more attention than offering a twenty sack, however the profit is much bigger.

Most weed dealers never offer five and ten sacks except for extremely rare circumstances, and just offer twenty sacks to dear friends.

In any case, you should be firm. When you see that you have too many people dropping by your home and you have to stop selling twenty sacks, you’ll most likely have a couple individuals who continue wanting twenties and even maybe a couple who get frustrated about it. Be friendly about it. Make it clear that it’s nothing personal (regardless of the possibility that it is something personal) and they’re welcome to purchase forties rather than twenties.

You can give your smaller clients to another dealer who purchases from you, along these lines expanding the demand for larger quantities.

Keep in mind not to get carried away when you’re growing. Try not to start telling people you can hook them up with bigger amounts in case you’re not certain you truly can. Try not to make guarantees you can’t keep, or people are not going to work with you anymore.

Also, as your business develops you’ll have to make and break connections. The compelling artwork of selling weed is knowing who you can trust: who is your companion, and who is not. At the point when choosing what sorts of individuals to work with, consider, ‘would they ever narc me off?,’ yet you have to consider numerous different things like their knowledge level and professionalism. A dumb and imprudent client or supplier can draw in the police to your home really quick.

Weed Wizard