Time after time, when a weed dealer gets blinded by the money and the social aspect of cannabis selling, he turns into somewhat of a showoff. He might discuss what awesome connects he has, or the amount of he earns a month, or the huge amounts he handles. It’s hard to get a clear picture on exactly how unsafe loose lips can truly be. The individual you’re talking with might want to be included, however not have any knowledge; the person may begin thinking of a way to scam you; or they might be a narc, or have a mate who is a narc. When you start gloating about your drug selling, it’s scary how fast that info gets around to a wide range of people you might possibly know.

So if you tend to boast a lot (and remember that most showoffs presumably don’t know they are doing it), or speak honestly about your weed or cash, my proposal is to do everything possible to stop. With regards to your dealing, never unveil info that you don’t need to.

Weed Wizard