Seeing as how you can’t call the police, dealers are an great target for scammers. Shams come in a wide range of styles. The most widely known is the front, when somebody who owes you cash chooses to simply vanish, or think of a excuses for they can’t pay. The second, is the slippery, behind you back, taking a bud here and there, but not enough to notice. The third is the open door robbery, as when somebody leaves their cash unattended and the thug simply happens to be in the opportune spot at the correct time. The fourth is when somebody scppes your house then breaks into your home later on. The fifth is your planned burglary. I have actually encountered the 1st four, but have yet to be robbed at gunpoint-with the exception of the police, obviously.

Be careful who you trust. Stop and consider who these individuals are that you’re letting into your home, where their loyalties lie and how good their ethics are.

The nickel-and-dime rip-off can be avoided by just keeping watch over every one of your stashes and your cash. Try not to keep your stash where your clients can see it. It’s alright to go into your room and close the door before coming back with the real thing. Most clients will get that you need privacy, and if you show to them you’re watchful about everything, they’ll be more less likely to target you. Just let your dearest friends (if even them) see where you keep your supply.

Think of a system for managing your cash and weed, and follow it religiously. That way, if anything is different, you’ll notice it immediately.

If you measure your sacks out early, try to re-measure them every so often to ensure nobody has squeezed a little bud. (don’t flip out if there’s a modest difference as bud can at times dry out a little when it’s being put away.) Also count your cash every now and again, in the event that somebody’s pocketing two or three bills here and there.

To avoid an open door burglary, you should not forget to keep your cash and cannabis on close watch. Never leave anything over a hundred dollars unattended, and abstain from drinking or getting messed up on different drugs when you have cash or anything valuable around. The hardest part about this, however, is not getting lazy about it. When you go a year or two without getting ripped off, you may begin getting sloppy.

The breaking-and-entering style of fuck over can be aversed by utilizing much the same methods portrayed in the last two sections. When you begin dealing with more than five or six hundred dollars at once, you’ll turn into an target for break-ins. In any case, a great many people won’t do it unless they definitely realize that they can get to your stash.

One basic solution is to purchase a safe; a good one. A few safes can even be bolted or welded into your floor.

I once had a lock-box which I’d purchased for twenty bucks, in which I used to keep my cash, and perhaps the infrequent pack of mushrooms. I was typically really good about keeping it covered up, and a large portion of my clients didn’t attempt to walk in on me when I was weighing up sacks, yet there was one who did, and I was politely asked him to stop.

One day he dropped by and stayed until I wanted to leave, then snuck behind me and opened my door as we were taking off. I returned home to discover my lock-box had been jimmied open and a few, however not all, of my cash had been stolen. He’d stolen marginally enough to cover his rent, $540. Despite everything he tried to be my mate. I had dreams about taking retribution, but he was crack fiend with a child to deal with, so I basically warned every one of my friends about him and ignored him.

When you do find out that you’ve been ripped off, don’t flip out about it. Keep in mind that retail establishments must take into account shoplifting, so should you account in thugs. Periodically discussing it (or shouting it) can help an incredible amount. What’s more, at times you can make the individual feel regret and they might pay you back. I’ve generally been excessively modest, not getting frantic about it, essentially ignore the individual after the fact. I then caution every one of my mates about them. Furthermore, when you find that one of your clients has stolen from another person, it’s your obligation to severe all ties, and make it clear that that sort of shit is not adequate. Also, in the event that they did it to another person, they could do it to you as well.

In any case, this is not an ideal opportunity to be mean about it. Be straight forward and firm when cutting somebody off for lying, yet don’t act like you detest them or something. Don’t forget that, it’s just business.

Remember that, when you’ve been ripped off, and you’re having revenge dreams, there is a saying that goes like this, “Anger is a gift: it can be used to punish the past or fix the future. The choice is yours.”

The fourth kind of theft, one which I have not been affected by, is when somebody sets up a huge scale purchase then appears with weapons rather than the money. This kind of thing shouldn’t be an issue until you begin dealing with more than a couple of thousand dollars at once.

Once more, everything I can say in regards to this is, be mindful of who you trust. Avoid people who like weapons, and be keep an eye on people when you don’t know where they live and don’t have any ties with them or their friends.

Another scam style that I feel I ought to bring up is the basic trickery: offering fake weed. In any case, most scammers are not stupid enough to attempt to trick an accomplished seller, however are a great deal more prone to pursue a fourteen year old who’s simply starting out, or a little time buyer. I’ve never at any point knew about any of my mates being scammed like this, however I’m certain it happens.

One final scam, which can’t be totally called a “scam.” Sometimes somebody will purchase a sack, then forget to pay you. You might request the cash, and the individual fishes in their wallet, then gets occupied and begins looking at something else, hoping you will forget about it. Clearly this can be avoided simply by focusing on what’s happening.

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