Most cops aren’t bad individuals. I saw some extremely extraordinary police brutality the day preceding my fifteenth birthday and a good mate was once beaten by police for having more than a gram of cocaine. I think I’ve unjustifiably been judging all cops in view of these two encounters, so I ought to apologize. Police are in the middle of this war. The system is to be faulted, not the cops. The war on narcotics hurts police the same amount as other people.

The primary thing to remember about cops, is that they are misleading liars… well at least while they are in uniform. They are trained to lie and deceive. If you read Weed Law, it states that it is unlawful for cops to lie while in a uniform. While this is so, I ought to advise you that it’s unlawful for us to deal.

When I was caught, I tried to argue with the officer. He laughed at me, saying he knew well that what he did wasn’t right. “Good and bad doesn’t exist to cops,” he let me know point blank. “We couldn’t carry out our duty if we thought about ethics. The only thing that is in any way important is legal or not.”

Also, this appears to remain true with a large portion of my encounters with police. Any person who could make a career out of imprisoning people has some confused ethics.

Let the officer feel big, answer their question to the best of your capacity (or make it appear as though you are), let them utilize their fear tactics yet don’t be threatened. If you don’t act frightened they won’t think you’ve done anything. If you say something to irritate them they’ll come down on you hard, maybe searching you wrongfully just to watch you being annoyed.

So if a cop approaches you, and you’re carrying drugs, don’t do anything to irritate them. Try not to attempt to run either, unless you are completely 100% sure that you can escape. Clearly don’t call the cop by names. Hold your feelings under control. Try not to be hesitant to kiss some ass either. If you can locate a true blue thing to compliment the officer on, do it. Simply be subtle about it.

When an officer approaches you, he’s interested in something totally unrelated to you. He’ll need to know whether you saw some shady looking character, for instance. So don’t get jumpy on the grounds that a cop’s conversing with you. Answer rapidly, however make an effort not to get any other person stuck in an unfortunate situation, regardless of the fact that you don’t have any ties with them. That is simply terrible karma.

Keep in mind that after you have answered to everything the cop has no reason to hold you any more. An officer can keep you for questioning without arresting you for just a brief moment. If he doesn’t arrest you, you are allowed to go.

One proposal for acting natural around a cop is to remember one thing: you have done literally nothing wrong. The cop is somebody who put people in jail and threatens firearms for a living. You sell a plant that develops from the ground and promote freedom.

However, a cop will simply can take a look at your eyes and realize that there’s something suspicious about you. He’ll begin making inquiries about where you came from and where you’re going. In case you came from your supplier’s home, make up a decent lie (ideally you’ve thought ahead). Then again you can likewise stay clear from questions by asking counter-questions, or obligingly specify that you’re in a rush. The only thing you’re legally required to do is identify yourself, and in case you’re in your car, show registration, yet as a rule cops drop the hammer on individuals who decline to answer any inquiries at all. I normally carry my driver’s permit with me wherever I go, cops appear to be less suspicious of individuals who demonstrate their ID.

After the cop has posed a few questions to get you shook, he may request to search your car, bag or you. He may ask in any number of ways, however what you should never forget, is to say no. Be friendly about it, obviously.

This is by all means the single greatest oversight you can make. Some way or another cops have a method for manipulating things and misleading you into consenting to a search. So I feel I ought to invest some additional energy in this subject, by giving a few illustrations.

A random example:

A cop has you pull over, effectively checks your permit/registration and hasn’t chosen on whether or not to give you a ticket for neglecting to using your turn signal.

Cop: “I need a look in your vehicle, alright? Could you step out of the car please?”

You: “Why would you like to look in my car? Have I done something incorrectly, officer?”

Cop: “It smells like weed.”

You: “I can’t smell anything.”

Cop: “I truly need a look. Step out of the car please.”

Cop: “I can make this simple on you on the off chance that you simply let me know where the marijuana is.”

You: “Sorry, I don’t know what you’re saying. I can’t let you look in the car. My girlfriend and I have personal things in there.”

Cop: “I truly need to. I won’t look at your things. That sort of stuff means nothing to me.”

You: “Sorry, I truly can’t. I have. humiliating things in there. My gf would be embarrassed simply knowing you looked in there. I’m truly sorry this is troublesome for you.”

Cop: “Look, I know what you’re covering up in there. Simply give me the pot and I’ll discard it. I won’t arrest you, I guarantee.”

You: “I’m truly sad, sir, however I simply don’t have what you’re searching for. I’m sorry.”

Cop: “You resemble the sort of fellow who smokes weed. I’ve smoked a couple bowls myself. Try not to tell the commander. You smoke cannabis, don’t you?”

You: “I might have had a couple hits before. I’m not a holy person or anything.”

Cop: “When was the last time you smoked?”

You: “A long time back.”

Cop: “Around twenty minutes prior?”

You: “No. Not in quite a while.”

Cop: “Then why am I be able to smell it?”

You: “I can’t smell anything. Perhaps you’re smelling something else.”

Cop: “Okay, don’t play with me. It’s really clear to me that you are very brave in there, now if you would prefer not to do this the easy way and let me discard your stash without arresting you, then I’ll get on my radio and get a court order, and we can do this the most difficult way possible.”

You: “Like I said, I’m truly sad however I can’t agree to a search, and I don’t have what you’re searching for. If you need to get a court order, that is fine. In any case then I’ll have the ability to tell my better half that I had no way out.”

Things may go on like this, forward and backward for ten minutes or more. Simply be quiet, sensible and neighborly. If they can dodge it, cops won’t lie immediately, yet will more often than not fall back on it when needed. Never trust a cop if he says, “Simply hand over the weed and I won’t arrest you. I simply need to discard it.” truth be told, NEVER trust anything they say. Police use a wide range of craftiness, intimidation, compliments, and misleads to trick you to agree to an search, give them something, or to turn in a mate, so the best thing to think is that everything that leaves an officer’s mouth is intended to fuck you over. If anytime the officer begins looking, say, “Sir, I didn’t agree to this search,” and make certain the officer hears you, repeating it a few times if needed, until the cop understand what you’ve said.

I was once pulled over on my bike for not having a light. The cop was suspicious of my rucksack and my all dark apparel. I was so anxious, my knees were trembling. The officer asked me for what reason I was shaking and I let him know it was chilly. He let me know he was suspicious that I was breaking into cars, that a gentleman with a rucksack on a bike is the cliché auto stereo criminal. I pulled off my rucksack and hurled it delicately noticeable all around to demonstrate that there was nothing as big as an auto stereo, however he demanded seeing more. Around then, I was so anxious and didn’t know what to do, so I let him get a decent look, first in the base pocket, then in the main two pockets, while holding my rucksack myself to ensure he didn’t violate his limits, however when I went to the fourth pocket, where I kept my weed, I just gave him a half-second look. He knew I had pot in there, however had no distinct proof, yet at any rate now I had made him see that I wasn’t a genuine criminal, carrying a firearm or something. We went into a level headed discussion much like the case I just gave you, and I utilized the line about having humiliating photos in that pocket. He didn’t believe me for a moment, however it didn’t make a difference, since I stuck to it, and i didn’t change my story. He called reinforcement patrols to stop near me to rattle me, but it didn’t work.

In any case, it was unsafe for me to give the cop a chance to search me even a little. I needed to make him feel good that I was not a stereo criminal or hiding a firearm, but rather it was still a gamble. For instance if there had been some shake on the base of my pack, things could have been awful.

At last, my understanding, pleasantness, and knowledge of my rights paid off and he let me go, despite the fact that he was very much aware that I had maryjane in my bag and that I was stoned.

Once i was going home at 3:00 AM , half intoxicated, from a Halloween party. Once more, I was wearing dim attire and a backpack, and had a little weed in the second pocket. A police car pulled up behind me as I strolled on the walkway, focusing on me. I looked behind me, however continued strolling. They then tailed me at strolling pace, around two car lengths behind me for a few blocks, shining a spotlight on me the entire time. I looked behind me bewildered as to what the fuck was going on.

At long last the cop yelled out the window, “Hey fellow! Hey fellow! Stop.”

I ceased and he got out and came toward me, then he whipped out his weapon and pointed it at me. “Put your hands on your head,” he yelled. “Slowly!” I did this, and he yelled, “Toss your backpack on the ground, around here, in the grass, between the street and the walkway. Slowly, don’t move.” He talked into his radio, “I think I have him. This is him.”

“Who are you?” he asked me.

“My name’s Bruce Willis.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I’m simply going home from a party.”

“Do you have ID?”


“Is it in your knapsack?”

“Yes,” I said. “I’ll give you a chance to look in the front pocket, the little one. That is the place my wallet is.” And I watched him intently to ensure he just looked in the pocket that I’d given him authorization to look in.

Then, other cop autos were showing up, and another officer was walking forward and backward on the side of the road, watching me, holding what resembled a Uzi, however it was likely some sort of immobilizer intended to look threatening.

The officer pulled my license out of my wallet. “Bruce,” he said into his radio. “It is safe to say that we are searching for a Bruce?. No? Are you certain. Bruce Willis? OK.” He brought down his firearm, hurled my wallet and ID onto my rucksack, and said to me, “Alright, you can go. You’re not the gentleman we’re trying to find.”

When you keep running into a circumstances such as that, don’t anticipate that the cops will apologize. Simply go in an opposite direction as quick as you can without looking worried about something.

I know a couple individuals who have said to understand their rights and appeared to be entirely sure that they wouldn’t give a police a chance to push them around, yet when it came down to the real deal, they did something dumb, similar to agreeing to a search or call the officer a dick. Police have a method for manipulating the discussion and your words to deceive you into consenting to something. Feelings are running high when you run into a cop, and they know how to play off of that. The best recommendation is to keep your mouth closed. Be as nice as possible, particularly if the cop is a dick, however know you rights and don’t let them violate them.

Weed Wizard