Clearly if the cops have a warrant, there’s very little you can do to stop them. Ensure that they’re not simply coming because of the noise or to inquire as to whether you saw someone running in near your house. You likely won’t see or hear them until they’re inside when they have a warrant.

If the cops do break down your door, flushing drugs regularly works, but it’s a highly unlikely scenario. If you see them getting prepared to bust in on your home, get your shit and head to the bathroom and when you hear them yelling and coming in, flush everything. Be that as it may, don’t do it some time recently. They’re most likely after your neighbor rather than you, so there’s no reason to panic.

There was a lady who’s home was raided. She broke free from a cop, ran to the restroom and bolted the door. When they dragged her out of the restroom, they didn’t discover anything on her and no narcotics in her condo, however another officer found a pile empty baggies lying on the ground underneath the window. They tried to charge her, however she battled the charge and won, on the grounds that there were numerous different lofts in that building and the police didn’t have definitive proof that it originated from hers. This was presumably a fail on their part, because they ought to have had different officers watching the back of the flat. If an officer had seen her toss it out the window, it would’ve turned out differently.

So if you’re ever raided, (as I have never been), there’s very little you can do other than simply take a seat, read the court order front to back, and trust that you’re concealing spots are good enough. Ensure the warrant is marked by a judge. Check the warrant for restrictions. Try not to permit them to exceed their lawful limits. For instance, if you live with your folks, and the warrant allow to search just your room, then don’t let them search anywhere else.

Be calm, and let the cops see that you know your rights. Make inquiries about anything you don’t comprehend in the warrant. You never know, you may reveal something they’re being deceitful about.

The cops will most likely attempt to threaten and deceive you into providing some clues for where the weed is hidden, if they won’t find it themselves. Don’t stare at your hiding spot. The best thing to do is keep your mouth closed. Let them know you need a legal advisor.

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