The main thing cops are going to do when they get you is attempt to make you to turn on your mates. Cops look for the greater bust. They’ll guarantee a lessened sentence for you, keeping in mind at times they do come through on this guarantee, for the most part they’ll pump you to turn in more of your mates. In many cases working with the police will make your charges increase, on the grounds that the cops discover more approaches to accuse you of the same wrongdoing. They’ll guarantee you security. They’ll guarantee that nobody will never know it was you. These are both false. The main thing the police do when they bust somebody is begin attempting to wreck relations. When I was caught, the officer lied about various things, about how things would work, and what sort of punishment I was getting. The officer said that if I didn’t work with them I would get a one year mandatory state prison. When I at last spoke with a legal counselor, I found my charge had a max of 90 days in local jail.

The other issue with ratting on your companions, is that once it’s all over, if some way or another the cops come through on their guarantees, you’ll have to stop every unlawful activity, cuz of the fact that the police will particularly be focusing on you, since they definitely know you’re willing to work with them.

Keep in mind that a night in jail is not all that awful. Books and TV and the government wants you to think that correctional facility is hell, brimming with beatings and ass-rapings, however it’s most certainly not. When stuff like that happens in a nearby prison, individuals get sued. So one night in prison is nothing to stress over, and will presumably make you a stronger individual in view of it (I wouldn’t exchange my one night in prison for anything, as I feel it improved me over the long haul). Ratting on a companion is bad.

Don’t tell the cops that you couldn’t care less about prison. Try not to be reluctant to cry, particularly in case you’re a young lady. Cops realize what they do is ethically wrong, and they can feel guilt. Don’t attempt to fake your crying. They can more often than not tell when somebody’s being fake.

Whether to hire a legal counselor or get an state one can make a difference. With a state defender, there’s dependably the danger that he’s working with the police and will fuck your case. Yet, you might not have the money for a real one. Keep in mind that legal advisors are shady individuals, yet state prosecutors are ten times sleazier than the normal legal advisor, so it’s great to have somebody on your side that can play the game.

Then there’s plea-bargaining or taking your case to trial. 90% of the time the state will want a deal. I for one feel, that weed sellers have an obligation to their nation to battle their case until the very end. There are a large amount of things that can happen to get you out of your situation if you go to court, regardless that you have no case at all. So don’t lose hope.

In the event that the additional prison time is not worth the knowledge that you’re improving the world, then a deal is a sensible alternative. In any case, it’s generally a smart thought to make your prosecutor imagine that you’re willing to take your case to court. Try not to take the deal that your prosecutor offers. Tell your legal advisor that you have moral issues with the deal, that you know you’ve done nothing wrong, and that weed law is immoral.

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