The main reason weed sellers get busted is ratting. Know who you sell to and be paranoid. A reliable person can start ratting fast if cops intimidate him. The majority busted for a wrongdoing will be given the chance to snitch on their pot provider and mates. More often than not, police won’t invest much energy pursuing somebody they know wouldn’t snitch on their mates.

These are the clues to watch for when attempting to figure out whether a specific client or supplier is a source for the 5-0. These, obviously, are not 100%. A decent undercover, backed by police won’t give any of these clues, or might demonstrate only a couple, yet as a rule, the police rush things. If they botch a buy, it doesn’t make a difference to them because of the fact that there’s constantly other people to pursue. They’d rather do thing’s as fast as they can, and catch as many bad guys as they can.

Undercover cops will:

Wish to meet in a public place
Want to bring a friend
Never be willing to front cash
Need to make buy fast
Set specific times
Try to control the sale
Say stuff like, “I’m not a undercover,” “Chill, bro” and so forth.
Avoid going private
Call from a strange telephone number
Pressure you into making a sale
Give a too good to be true kind of offer
Promise you that there’s “nothing to stress over”
Openly talk over the phone
Want to make the arrangement somewhere around 6AM and 11Pm

Narcs may or may not:

Be willing to hang out for a long time
Be willing to smoke with you
Play by the rules(whatever those might be)
Attempt to purchase as much as they can

Basically LISTEN TO YOUR INSTINCTS. Utilize your sound judgment. The things I’ve recorded on this page are only markers. Everything relies on upon how cunning the narc is. If something doesn’t appear to be correct, don’t make the sale and see how they respond, there will always be more clients.

If you do happen to associate someone with being a witness, don’t blame them. If he is a narc, you would prefer not to be making a foe out of them. Don’t allow the individual to see any part of your operation, and don’t allow the individual in your home for any reason.

In the event that you do suspect a Narc, get some information about them. Attempt to discover more info, and if your suspicions are confirmed, caution everyone that may be an target for the narc.

Weed Wizard