At times you’ll get a dealer or a client who simply doesn’t trust you. If he’s is a transparent individual, he will tell it to your face, and allow you to try and convince him otherwise; or you may catch wind of their doubt through a mutual friend. In any case, my solid recommendation is to NEVER get frustrated or insulted because somebody doesn’t trust you, regardless of what the reasons. If somebody doesn’t trust you immediately, or asks many questions trying to figure out you, or asks your friends about you, or needs a tour through your home before getting to business, these are all VERY great signs. It demonstrates that the seller is smart, and isn’t willing to take unneeded risks. It demonstrates that he is not a total idiot; and you don’t want a stupid dealer, trust me.

In any case, remember that undercovers and narcs regularly demonstrate some amount of distrust to make themselves seem more normal.

What’s more important, you should remember that there are more than one aspects to trust. Because you believe somebody won’t rat you out to the cops, doesn’t mean the person will keep their mouth closed, and it doesn’t mean they won’t want to scam you. They might not mean it, but they might do something stupid and hurt you that way, maybe put your name in their stash jar, then drop it on the way home.

Weed Wizard