The one thing I can’t stress enough is SAVE YOUR MONEY. It’s easy to get blinded by all the money. When you have heaps of money lying around, the natural thing is to spend it, particularly when you don’t have any restrictions. While it might be enjoyable to spend cash, you can never tell when something may happen and you have to quit selling. In the event that you’ve blown all your cash on extravagant meals, entertainment, and stereo gear, you’ll see that all that dealing was in vain. At that point you’ll discover it’s extremely hard to give up those extravagances. If you’re not spending your money on school, open an investment account, or hide a lock-box at your mother’s home, and begin adding to your retirement funds. Ensure that your cash is kept separate from your weed.

Make a plan and stick to it. Monitor all the cash that is coming in and going out and make sense of precisely what amount ought to go toward funds and what amount ought to go toward different expenses. You’ll have to invest some genuine energy and thought on this, and you’ll need self control.

Marijuana is like currency. It’s advantageous to exchange cannabis for merchandise and services. Letting somebody clean your home, for instance, at a gram a hour may appear like an great deal for both sides. Utilizing pot as cash might be a great idea if you find someone who is willing.

You should read a book about managing your cash.

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