Keep in mind what Chris Rock said, “Drug dealers don’t sell drugs. Drugs sell themselves.”

He’s absolutely right.

One point need to be stressed: DON’T SELL TO STRANGERS. In the event that you do, you may profit, yet in the long run the police will find you. If you’re cautious about who you sell to, the police ordinarily won’t bother wasting time going after you

So who would you be able to deal to?

Anyone you know you can trust.

However, how can you know who you can trust?

Try looking at the circumstance from the other individual’s point of view. Does he think about you enough to never consider narcing you off to the cops, even if he were stuck in an unfortunate situation? If you take an ideal time to consider their identity and to what extent you’ve known one another and your closeness, and you are persuaded they would never rat you out, then they’re most likely a safe bet.

Relatives are great choice, co-workers, and friends. It’s best to know where they live, yet these things aren’t needed in case you’re really certain you can trust the individual.

Who not to sell to?

People who are hooked on different drugs are typically awful clients, particularly crack and meth heads. They tend to think more about that other shit than they do about you or your weed. They’re additionally more inclined to get busted and usually will do anything to escape their charge.

Other individuals to stay away from are ones who commit crimes in general, particularly violent criminals. Make an exceptional point to avoid thievs. Somebody who shoplifts from Wal-Mart is not comparable to somebody who might mug an old woman, or scam one of her friends. I feel that numerous individuals take something that isn’t theirs on occasion through their lives, yet most have morals about it. So assessing a persons ethical qualities is critical in choosing who you can deal to.

A couple warning signs for people to stay away from: if somebody recounts a story about ripping off another seller, there’s a chance he’ll attempt to scam you. If somebody speaks a lot about trust and about how he trusts you and about how he’s such a reliable guy and so forth. Listen to what they say. They will give away many hints about who they really are.

I once worked with a man who misled his wife about various things, and one day we were smoking pot in the back of our workplace, discussing the likelihood of getting caught by the boss, and he said “There’s one thing I’ve learned through life, in case you’re ever in a bad position, simply bullshit. Lie. Bullshitting can get you out of anything.”

This sentence was a warning sign, and I disregarded it. Months after the fact he talked me into fronting him an ounce, then fed me lie after lie regarding why he couldn’t pay me. Consistently I’d ask and consistently he thought of another story trying to make me feel frustrated about him and his money situation.

My point: avoid liars. Individuals who lie about smoking pot on a job application, or to visit Canada are generally fine, however in the event that they’re willing to mislead their life partner, that is a genuine caution sign.

So once you make sense of who you need as a client, how would you get them to purchase from you?

This is another area where there are a lot of nuances.

People are searching for somebody who is friendly, respectful, professional, safe, reliable, and convenient. More importantly they’re looking for someone who will offer them the fattest sack. You should give them these things.

Yet, don’t be a pusher. When you begin bothering people to purchase your weed, they lose respect for you and become annoyed. Also, never outrightly take another dealers clients. Rivalry is fine, and if you offer fatter bags, it’s alright to tell them so, yet not while the dealer is around.

Try not to anticipate profiting for your initial couple of ounces. Be ready to smoke or share a large portion of your profits. Begin with the friends you think you can trust and that smoke pot, then just pack a bowl or two and smoke them out. While smoking, after they’ve had a couple of tokes, say that you purchased an entire ounce of this stuff. At that point simply be honest. Let them know about your circumstance, and that you need to begin dealing, however don’t know how. Request counsel on selling pot. Ask for their thoughts on the weed they’re smoking. At that point let them know what size your baggies will be. It’s inconsiderate to flat out request that a man purchases your weed, particularly people you don’t know exceptionally well.

If your potential clients don’t appear to be intrigued, simply be persistent. Smoke them out once more, build the heaviness of your sacks and drop the news once more. As a rule, if you can offer a heavier bag or higher quality pot than what they’re purchasing, regardless of the fact that it’s just a fifth of a gram difference, they’ll switch over and begin purchasing from you.

Securing clients comes from telling every one of your friends that you have weed and are accessible to offer it at sensible costs, without being excessively blatant about it.

Street dealing, obviously, is an entire other league. You can make loads of cash, but, it’s too dangerous in my opinion. Street dealing not recommended.

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