A great part of the morals in narcotics distributing rotate around your state of mind. Ensure you ALWAYS vote in favor of each pro maryjane movement. When you begin hoping that it never gets to be legalized cuz of the fact that you’re anxious about not earning profit off of it, you know your morals are in the wrong place. Cash might be a decent everyday bonus, but the genuine reason to deal pot ought to be to battle government oppression.

Make a habit of respecting your clients and treat them decently. Try not to give small sacks to somebody only because you believe he’s young and naive (or old and unmindful) or don’t have any other person he can buy from. This ought to go without saying, yet don’t pass judgment on people from different race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.

There will be times when your clients begin to irritate you, yet you still must be friendly and sensible, just like a cashier at the store.

I for one feel it’s alright to give varying weights to various people depending upon the amount of risk they put you under. If they can’t follow your standards and appreciation your individual paranoia then maybe they shouldn’t get as fat a sack as other people. However, don’t forget to be transparent about this, and work out a strong system with distinct rules.

Some don’t believe it’s alright to do this and think you ought to either sell to a man or not. If they put you under an excessive amount of risk, request that they change their habits or quit calling.

There is of course the issue of addiction, particularly if you offer narcotics other than maryjane, and other medication interaction issues. In the event that somebody has an issue with the weed, you’re must converse with them about it, and let them know you think they have an issue and make it clear that you won’t be mad if they quit purchasing from you. This is the reason I only offer cannabis, so i wouldn’t have this problem. Sometimes people begin burning through cash they can’t afford to spend on weed, when you see somebody doing this, just decline to front anything to them.

Essentially, my point is, don’t be a pusher. Try not to feed off of other persons issues; yet in the meantime, respect their their decisions. Weed (and other narcotics) ought to make individuals happy, and when they don’t, somebody has an issue.

Weed Wizard