When all is said in done, I am a major supporter of honesty, and think that in practically every circumstance, a lie does significantly more harm than it’s worth. Particularly in relationships. I would never recommend misleading a companion, yet there are a couple of circumstances where it’s important to lie in your drug dealing. The most well-known is likely kids misleading their folks. There are still closed minded folks out there that go ham at the thought that their child is smoking pot-as if it’s ever killed anybody in all of history or that people have been smoking it for thousands of years.

If you must lie to a family member then you must still be prepared to tell them the truth some day. This might take years, and you might need to drop clues a hundred times, however if you have family that think about you yet don’t approve of selling, despite everything they should comprehend what you’re doing. You don’t have to toss it in their faces and you don’t have to let them know immediately or even in the initial couple of years, at the end of the day your objective ought to be to change your family’s mentalities about weed, and convey people around you to a more logical way of reasoning.

Keep in mind that any individual who’s profiting off of weed is under an ethical commitment to fight for decriminalization. It means first starting with you family and trying to change their attitude first.

Another time I think is alright to lie is via phone, when you know it is being tapped-or even are simply suspicious. It’s not wrong to tell somebody that you’re out, or that you’ve stopped dealing, if it’s not true and the person simply didn’t know that they shouldn’t talk about drugs over the phone. You can then choose to either cut the person off completely or simply appear later at their house and request that the client didn’t talk about drugs over the phone.

When your safety is at stake, lie. If, for instance, you associate somebody with being a narc or a covert, it’s not a terrible thought to tell them you quit and make things seem as though you’ve totally stopped the business.

The last situation where I think lying is ethically okay is when you get busted for a selling, and end up with a record. Government papers and employment applications, for instance. I feel that we have an obligation to our nation to battle these laws any way we can, and sadly, lying is one of the weapons we should use every once in a while.

Weed Wizard