Ideally by the time you’re considering selling pot, you definitely should know how to tell the difference between great weed and awful. Crystals, red hairs, and a strong smell are great; stems, soil and seeds are terrible. Be that as it may, I ought to simply give a few reminders.

Keep in mind, the drier the better. The drier the bud, the less water-weight, which means the more THC for the buck. If your clients dislike it being excessively dry, let them know about the orange-peel trick. Most clients, get that drier is constantly better.

One thing, that numerous people overlook, is that huge buds measure up to enormous stems. If you can, attempt to purchase weed that has for the most part little, reasonably sized buds. Then again, having lots of shake in a bag is generally a negative thing, however, there are sure joint-smokers out there who like to purchase bud as shake. In case you’re going to purchase pot with loads of shake, inquire as to whether your clients care.

In many cases, you’ll come to a point where you have a couple options for obtaining your weed. Usually between high quality, yet more costly weed and a low quality one. It’s best to remember your individual clients when deciding, since some incline toward fatter bags and some favor danker weed. Attempt to please most people.

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