Every now and then, your clients will attempt to purchase some pot when they don’t have any cash. For me, purchasing a sack on cash I don’t have yet, would be about as mortifying as getting pantsed in a shopping center. However, everybody nowadays, organizations and people alike, appear to be working with cash that they don’t have. (Which is the reason I think American economy is very near breakdown.) So a few people don’t feel any disgust in requesting a front.

The question is, will he pay you back, and when?

A couple of things to consider when choosing whether or not to front somebody weed and alow them to pay you later: to start with, if he scams you, there’s generally next to nothing you can do about it. You can’t call the cops, and taking some kind of retaliation is typically more dangerous than it’s worth, particularly for little time deals. The main genuine weapon you have is guilt and the loss of your friend. Gauge the persons identity and your closeness to choose if these weapons would be sufficient to keep them honest. Analyze their money situation and thier history of cash management.

Keep in mind that since somebody swears that he will pay you back, doesn’t imply that they will. Indeed, individuals who discuss how honest and dependable they are generally are the exact opposite. A really reliable individual is humble, and considerate and doesn’t boast about their reliability.

Second, remember that if somebody takes quite a while to pay you back for a bigger amount, then your cash is tied up with that individual, and if that keeps you from re-supplying so as to make another deal, then you’re losing cash. If you have enough side-money that you don’t regularly use for buying drugs, then this isn’t such a big issue.

Third, remember that regardless of how well you know somebody, it’s can happen that something can come up and things can change.

Fourth, recall that all weed salesmen get scammed every so often. Much the same as a retail chain needs to count shoplifting and robbery into every month’s bookkeeping, sometimes you’ll get ripped off. So don’t front anything that you can’t stand to lose.

When you do choose to front, particularly in case you’re fronting littler amounts, make a point to record everything. I once didn’t have the money for a buy and my merchant was sufficiently decent to front me $300. After a week I purchased another supply, and gave him that $300 and also the cash for the new buy. He looked bewildered and even after I clarified that I owed him cash, it took him a couple of minutes to recall. “I totally forgot,” he let me know.

Now and then you will run into circumstances where somebody wants YOU to front some money instead of supply. If you don’t know any other person who deals in the amount you require then once in a while fronting cash is unavoidable. This is generally more unpleasant, as you’re fronting substantially more than only a sack, you’re trusting your cash to a middle-man who will take your cash to go to a merchant and purchase your pot for you.

This is clearly not a perfect circumstance in light of the fact that if the middle-man isn’t reliable, he may take the cash from you and skip town. If he doesn’t comprehend what he’s doing, he may get ripped off himself, then not be able pay back the fronted cash. And a more minor disadvantage is that another person will look over the weed for you, so you need to trust their judgment on what’s great weed and trust that he will ensure it’s weighed right. You might get under-measured ounces and QP’s, or pot that is so damp it’ll begin developing mold inside of a couple of days.

So fronting cash to re-supply is something to keep away from, however like I said it’s unavoidable at times.

If you do front cash, ensure you have a set a time so you know when you can begin to worry, and a plan if the arrangement doesn’t go as needed. And think of your front as of a bet. Figure out your odds based on the middle-man, amount of money and weed.

Weed Wizard