Below you will find a short interview with a weed dealer that will hopefully answer your question about how much average drug dealers usually make a month.

How many years have you been dealing weed?

I began in 2005 by firstly just smoking marijuana myself, as most people in this trade. One day it dawned on me that if I purchased bigger amounts and sold a part of the bag, then I could buy a new bag of weed and get high for free. I didn’t even care about making a profit at first. It really becameĀ profitable only recently, like a couple of months ago. That the time when i stopped smoking weed myself and focusing more on selling it.

How much money you earn a month selling?

There are days i make couple oh hundred. There are good weeks when i earn $700, there are also bad weeks when i make only 50 bucks. Be that as it may, I usually make somewhere around $1500-$2000 each month. It’s a nice cash boost to my regular job.

How much you sell for?

Prices vary from town to town. In my area, you can get an eight for $50, quarter for a$100 and $250-$350 for an ounce. A few people will offer a discount at two ounces, but usually the next discount is when you buy 4 ounces. If you want to buy even more, then you have to talk to your supplier and ask them for the price. It’s like any other good you can buy in the store. The price depends on the areas wealth, buying power and demand.

Alright, the price depends on the market. How much money you make selling an eight?

Usually from an eight i profit around 15-20 bucks. Furthermore, if you consider the measure of time it takes me to pack the weed and drive to the meeting spot, then you need to factor in the time it takes to do all that. But it’s not hard work as packaging and driving is pretty easy and you can make 20 bucks for half an hours work.

How big was your biggest sale?

Once i got $400 from one sale. I sold two separate ounces in one day. I consider myself small time dealer who earns extra cash to survive. I know people who have sold more that 10 pounds a month. But sadly one day the police knocked down his front door and arrested him for selling marijuana. I hope it won’t happen to me. But anything can happen, right? The worst part is that i got a lot of knowledge from the guy, but now he’s gone for quite a while.

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