People regularly say that to a seller weed is “essentially free,” however this is not true. If you smoke a bowl, you’re smoking your cash. It may cost you less to smoke that bowl than it would for a general client, however regardless you’re smoking your cash away.

Nonetheless, I don’t suggest anybody deal anything they don’t use themselves. That is simply weird, and it makes you look like you’re better than your clients. But you don’t have to smoke it that regularly.

It’s great to know the many methods for smoking pot. Blade hits and vaporizers save the weed significantly more than a bong does. Pipes are good. I tend to smoke pot basically through blade hits, as it takes less to get me stoned.

Another point to talk about in this chapter, is that while rationing your pot is critical, it’s additionally essential to have a good social mentality about smoking. It’s not cool to let your clients load every one of the bongs. Sharing weed in a few circumstances can break the ice with potential clients and promote your products.

Then again, don’t give your social life hinder your school or work. Try not to feel regretful for not smoking pot with somebody if you have a reason like not being able work at work stoned, or having a test to concentrate on, or a drug test to take.

It’s great to have something to do when not selling. Discover things to do with your time that don’t include smoking pot, things that intrigue you enough to divert you from smoking. Sports, hobbies, classes, and so forth. Try not to spend each waking hour being stoned, as you’ll wind up losing point of view on things in life.

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