Each individual on planet Earth, has dreamed of being a drug dealer. Let’s be honest, it’s an extraordinary gig. You work for yourself, you work on your own hours, and you make good coin.

So speaking from experience, here are some helpful pointers to get you started in the career of drug dealing.

Step 1: How to Find Clients?

If you go to school or uni, and you can’t find your customers, you either live in the most backwards spot on earth or you are an idiot, and I am sincerely shocked you can read.

In the event that you don’t go to school, my recommendation to you is to locate the closest one and listen closely. Inevitably, you will hear kids discussing this one fellow they know who parties and does drugs A LOT. Track down this gentleman and talk to him. I promise you, he’ll be the gateway to getting into dealing at schools, gatherings, mates flats, and so forth.

Step 2: Purchasing and Smoking

To wind up an effective street dealer, you should first be a great buyer. Buy and use anything you want to sell. Once people start associating you with drugs, customers will come like flies.

Now go back to your provider and get tons of narcotics for cheap and start distributing.

Step 3: Get a Safe

Get a huge safe and weld it to your floor, put everything dear to you in it, because weed sellers get robbed quite often.

With these things in mind you are good to go, but there are some things you should also keep in mind or you probably won’t last in this line of business. You have to set yourself some rules and follow them.

10 Commandments of Weed Selling

10. Don’t say you have drugs on you when introduced to new customers

Say, “go get it from your mate.” You do this so that nobody begins spreading gossip that you go around with weed on you. Individuals who do get mugged.

9. At the point when obtaining a lot of weed, you should ensure that the buy happens in the suppliers home.

8. When buying a lot of weed from someones home, appreciation your providers security.

Try not to ask the guy where he is from, or what his most loved hobbies are or anything like that. One reason that TV portrays dealers and scam artists having weird discussions is because it’s everything they can truly discuss. They discuss TV, latest events, the way the government fucks them over and where to get great beer. They never discuss themselves. So don’t inquire. You’ll just make them feel uncomfortable.

7. Know how to throw a punch or have loads of muscle to back you up.

6. Never front anything to anybody for any reason unless you would trust them to watch your home for a whole week.

I’m not kidding.

5. Try not to get wasted.

This is not a career for bums.

4. On the off chance that you get high off your weed, ensure you’re just smoking profits.

Everybody knows this. Few individuals do it.

3. Try not to get animals and children high.

2. If caught, don’t say a thing until consulted with an attorney.

Don’t ever rat.

1. Try not to get a gf/bf who is addicted.

Drug selling is an awesome job, yet like every single awesome job, there is a larger number of candidates but not many do great. If you truly need to profit as a weed dealer, you can do it. Yet, you should follow your rules. Keep in mind, the principles exist for your advantage. You just have to respect rules.

Particularly if you want to be a pot seller.

Weed Wizard