To be a good and successful weed dealer there are some thing you can do. I will list some of theme below.

1. Have great prices

2. Short loyals occasionally

3. Be accessible, always

4. Have a phone

5. Don’t make up names for your drugs

6. Don’t keep anyone waiting

7. Be near

8. Be ready to deliver

9. Always pick up your phone

10. Don’t run out of weed

11. Have more than one strain to pick from

12. Give people birthday sacks

13. Call back when you say so

14. Smoke your clients out sometimes

15. Don’t try to smoke the weed you just sold

16. No shorting your customers

17. Don’t pinch

18. If shit weed then give more

19. Give more by hand not by scale

20. Blunts and papers are free

21. Have someone to pick up your calls if your not available

22. Give good deals all the time not just the first time

23. Other drugs on hand is a plus

24. Offer weed first, don’t wait to be asked

25. Be cool to chill with

26. Let people hang out at yours

27. Keep your promises

28. Know your phone number by heart

29. Utilizes twitter (not necessary)

30. Have rules

There are definitely more, but this is a good starting point.

Weed Wizard