A few people consider doctoring of weed to be unethical, and they have good reasons. Nonetheless, it can happen that you can get some low-quality, seedy, stemmy, ultra-dry weed at an incredible cost. Rather than wasting it, you can make your clients exceptionally content by re-hydrating the pot, then de-seeding it, de-stemming it and offering it at the same overall worth you would for normal weed.

When you’re selling re-hydrated weed be mindful so as not to fuck over the client as a result of it. Doctoring of your weed ought to just be utilized to give the client a higher quality item, or fatter sack, and not to build your net revenues. Your money will increase anyway, as more and more people are happy with your cannabis. This is the reason you shouldn’t doctor up weed that is high quality, regardless of the fact that it is somewhat dry.

The most widely recognized approach to re-hydrating pot is to place it in an plastic bag in the fridge with two or three orange peels. Hold up to several days, mixing every so often, and check the dryness. Include more orange peel until your pot is the ideal smoking dampness. Be extremely mindful not to over-soak, and check it repeatedly, checking twice every day to ensure it hasn’t over-dampened and molded. You never need to deal moldy weed or pot that is so soggy it’s liable to wind up rotten.

Keeping low-quality Mexican weed in the same air proof ziplock bag with excellent pot can sometimes make the Mexican smell and taste better. This can take weeks in some cases.

Last thing you can do, however shouldn’t do, is kiefing. You use a uniquely made box with a fine mesh screen that filters the hairs and crystals off of buds. Some dealers do this before selling the bud, so they can keep the best of the pot and their clients get weed that doesn’t get them high. So don’t kief your bud unless you anticipate smoking the buds yourself. I know it’s enticing, yet things like this come around, if not as karma, then as an irritated client who wants to take your stash or rat you to the cops.

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