To earn a profit selling weed you need three main things. First of all you need to find a dealer who will wholesale to you. Buying wholesale is a lot cheaper than buying QP’s, this way you will maximize your profits and minimize the cost. The second thing you obviously need is money, you can’t start selling if you don’t have any ( nobody will front you anything) so start saving up right now if you want to make money selling weed. The third and the final thing you need is someone to sell to aka customer base. When you have all three, you will be making money in no time.

How to find a supplier?

Start smoking weed and work your way up from there, gathering information and climbing up the food chain to bigger sellers or ask your friends and fellow stoners.

How to get starting money?

Go ask government for a grant, just kidding. There are numerous ways you can earn funds.

How to get a client base?

It takes a while to find good customers, however it starts with you. It requires investment to create committed clients and you should be a dependable dealer.

Never run out, so whenever a client calls , you must provide them with weed every minute of every day.

Try not to scam your clients. If you’re offering them schawg (shitty maryjane), then tell your clients and charge likewise.

If your client is not satisfied, listen and don’t argue. For instance; if a client claims, that you shorted them… then simply give the client what they say you owe them, regardless that you’re sure you didn’t short them. If you irritate your client, you lose cash, as well as the client could start ratting.

Make you prices clear to your clients and don’t give people discount just because they ask or they will never stop bugging you with discounts.

To the most loyal smokers offer freebies from time to time.

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