Step One: The Grow

1) Don’t grow too plants. Someone who grows 100 plants at is the one who gets got. I’d say max 20 at once if even that.

2) Growing a littler number of plants means you can have a small grow room. Trust me, you need it if you would prefer not to get busted. Manufacture the room yourself. No mates, no family, no specialists! No one must know this room even exists.

3) Pick strains that are low smelling. If police smell weed stench all around your property they will have probable cause.

4) Use low warmth lights to not radiate a significant warmth signal. I’m not certain if they do it often, but sometimes they use heat detectors to bust grow-ops. The better protected a room is the more cash you save money on warming and the lower the warmth signal from the room.

Step 2: The Harvest

1) Wear same clothes when dealing with plants or harvesting, this will lower the chance of contamination and please use gloves. You wouldn’t want your whole crop going to shit.

2) Use a special drying room or device to dry your crop, don’t just hang the weed in your room.

Step 3: The Sale

Give careful consideration to this one as this is where most fuck up.

1) When you’re planning a deal, do it only with people you trust. If you don’t have the foggiest idea about the individual, I wouldn’t chance offering them weed.

2) When selling, never call weed as cannabis or whatever other known names. Give it a code name. Call it “wood” or something. Why? Just in the event that anybody is wearing a wire you’re protected. I know this sounds distrustful, yet you’re better to be as careful as possible.

3) If you live in a residential community, don’t drive to where you’re offering. Walk. Why? Cars get pulled over quite often.

4) When you’re going to make the trade, arrive 5 minutes early and hide the weed some place close by. Why? This keeps the weed off you thus if a narc shows up you’re clean and he/she is fucked.

6) Tell them where the weed is after you’ve gotten the money.

Weed Wizard