Ever wondered how to make a lot of money in a short amount of time? Wanted to unload your stash quick or your business is going slow and want to get a boost?

There are numerous ways you can increase the rate at which you sell your pot, but remember the faster you sell the more risk you take and the faster you will get caught and jailed.

The easiest thing you can do to get rid of you stash is to lower your prices and let everyone know you did so, additionally you can go to the nearest college campus or school and unload a ton of reefer there, students and high schoolers are dying for weed. You have to have killer bud for it to work, nobody wants to smoke schwag. You should think about looking for some dealers who are high and dry looking for a new hookup, offer them your weed at a discounted price and you are golden. Visit a festival or pro marijuana rally or even a nursing home and you are guaranteed to run out of weed in less that a couple of hours, imagine being old, but a total stoner with no weed in sight, you’ll suck the first dealer you see dry. Give people special offers or discounts, who doesn’t love cheap pot ?

All in all just be creative and you’ll be fine as wine.

Weed Wizard