To start selling weed you need a reason. You can’t just start dealing because you can, you will end up in prison that way. You must think long and hard of a reason why you truly want to sell weed. Set yourself some goals and work towards them ( you can’t be dealing for the rest of your life).

Of course you need money for you startup business, there are many ways you can get startup money. Remember to start small and work your way up from there. No reason to buy 2 tons of mary for your first operation. Get a small loan or work for a summer and then buy your first ounce and start selling. Where to get weed, you ask? After you have the money you need to find a supplier, just ask your friends who smoke pot where they get it from, or look around your school or local hangout spots. Weed is a very popular drug and you will find someone willing to sell you an ounce sooner or later.

But before you can start selling you newly bought weed, you need some customers. If you go to school or have many pothead friends then you’re in luck, if not then you have ask friends for help or go to the nearest skate park and look from there. Skate parks are guaranteed stoner meetups.

That’s about it, just follow these steps and you are good to go.

Weed Wizard