It should be noted when discussing how to sell weed, that the marijuana that is under discussion is being sold legally.

The sales of marijuana to individuals who do not have a medical need or prescription for cannabis is still considered illegal and can result in a felony conviction. It is also important to remember that it is illegal to purchase marijuana without a permit to possess, buy or sell it. The participation of illegal activities can and will result in lock up, fines and a harder time getting a professional job. This is simply not worth it.

It should also be noted that when applying for a permit to sell medicinal marijuana, the application states that the use and sales of marijuana is still considered illegal on a federal level. This means that if the federal government decides to force the states to outlaw the use of marijuana medicinally and the sales of marijuana, those with medical cards and a license to sell the pot could be held accountable and arrested for the possession of an illegal substance. This is what happened when Heroine was outlawed. Doctors were arrested and plants were forced to cease production and turn over any heroine that was produced.

The first step a person must take regarding how to sell weed legally is to become a certified primary caregiver. This enables the professional to grow, prepare, and distribute pot to the patient base. While it is possible to become a primary caregiver without any medical or professional registration or education, simply a written agreement will do, this written agreement will not hold up in court if a suspicion about the potential illegality of the pot distribution. You must be 18 in order to become a caregiver.

Once you have become a primary caregiver and you have a patient base, you are allowed to sell marijuana legally to these individuals. When looking for how to sell weed, first you have to look for a way to legally obtain weed. Most people who are legal sellers of marijuana grow their own cannabis plants and process these plants. It is possible purchase the seeds over the internet and a single plant can get a person started in their legal sales. There are marijuana distributors as well, but these places do not sell wholesale for the redistribution of the drug.

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