Here are some tips i can give you for selling your maryjane.

1. When you discover where to buy cheap pot, don’t smoke it, save it.

2. Start selling for cheap, but not so cheap that you won’t profit. First try to get clients, then worry about profits.

3. Don’t let your clients disappear, smoke them out from time to time and hang out with them.

4. Money first then the drugs, it’s always been like that and will always stay like that.

5. Have rules and be friendly, but not overly friendly. As soon as someone breaks a rule, be firm and remind them about the RULES.

6. If someone wants to see you weigh them the weed, then do it and don’t short anyone.

7. Get a tolerance, you don’t want to get too fucked up when smoking with your clients, stay atop of everything all the time, be sharp.

8. Don’t carry more than you need, it will prevent you from getting robbed on the streets or the police arresting you for intent to distribute. Nobody wants that so safety first.

9. Don’t let clients know where you live if possible.

10. Find some rich kids to sell to, they are always in the need of a guy, because the suburbs usually don’t have dealers.

Weed Wizard