Advertising is a serious thing to consider when considering how to sell weed.

Advertising will assist you in getting new clients and patients. This advertising can help to ensure that you make money on the growing of marijuana and the providing it to the medically challenged individuals. This advertising can include handing out fliers, taking out television advertisements, business cards, websites and emails. It is important to remember that there are some non-tolerance places that these advertisements should not be placed near, such as schools and churches.

Once you begin to sell medical marijuana, it is important to remember that this is not the legal selling of a recreational drug, but rather the selling of a medication. When properly practicing how to sell weed legally, you will find that you are not required to check for medical cards, but that it is suggested. The checking of a patient’s medical history and his need for the drug will help if there is any illegal drug distribution charges leveled against you. You should also keep records regarding the patients that you see and provide marijuana to.

According to the laws in most states that do have legal medicinal marijuana distribution and consumption, there is no set price for the pot. This being said, the law does state that the distribution company must be a non-profit medical facility. This means that the bank account figures that the facility you create will have to show a no profit being made. This does not mean you do not get paid, but rather the business account cannot be increasing in profits. You cannot run the facility out of pocket or from your personal bank account. It should also be noted that since it must be a medical facility, you will need to keep the area very clean and you will be inspected by the health department. This can get costly and tedious if the area is not up to code.

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