Remember what Kurt Cobain said, “Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not after you.” The cops may be tailing you, or they may have your telephone tapped or even your room or PC. Your mates could be working with them, or trying to scam you. There’s any number of things a weed provider can stress over.

Paranoia of all shapes and sizes is something any seller must manage sooner or later. But paranoia, as a rule, is something to keep away from, since it’s not fun, and because cops can notice fear so the more paranoid you are, the more probable they are to notice you or target you.

Keep in mind that it’s vital not to disregard suspicion. Suspicion or straightforward anxiety is your subconscious letting you know that something isn’t right. For your 1st few sales, and each time you do a sale that is bigger than what you’re used to, you’ll likely need to override your paranoia, and simply manage it. Don’t deny its presence, and don’t override your subconscious until you comprehend what it wants to say.

One thing to consider when attempting to manage paranoia is probability of each thing. Take for instance the vehicles. Each time you sell, there’s a chance you’ll get busted. Each time you go for a drive, there’s a chance you’ll die. However, these odds shift incredibly relying upon how safe you are in your car or in your weed selling. A man who gets in a car has a chance to crash and die or kill someone. A pot dealer who offers 40s risks jail.

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