This is one of the subjects you’ll need to truly consider, as I can’t offer you a great deal of advice on where and how to keep your weed. You should think about a couple of things, how obvious it is, and how likely it is that one of your mates will see it and choose to take something.

Another significant thing to consider is your own idiocy. I heard a story about a lady who let a quarter-pound drop out of her handbag in a market, returned to get it back but was told to run because somebody had called the cops already (he might have easily stashed it for himself). I’ve heard endless stories of people having about six sacks of various weights and one disappears, and they don’t notice for a while.

Stay organized attention to your supplies. If you carry your supplies in a rucksack, satchel or pocket, check it sometimes to ensure it is secure-attempt to place it in it’s own assigned pocket and whatever you do, don’t keep your weed alongside your cash or ID.

Keep in mind, that weighing out your sacks early can be risky in case you’re carrying more than one. If you are busted with pot that is partitioned into various baggies, it’s much simpler for the police to get you for intent to distribute rather than simply personal use. Isolating different sorts of weed ought to be alright, however if you read Weed Law, it will let you know that a couple individuals have been busted for distribution since they had a different sack for stems and seeds.

Concerning hiding spots. If you choose to hide your pot, be inventive about it. I knew somebody who hid a half-ounce in a dirty tapestry that he tied into a great many knots, and when a cop searched his vehicle, found the knots to hard and gave up. I heard a story about a man who had many pounds in his home, under his lounge chair, as drug dog searched his home. Since he’d triple-vacuumed the bags and concealed them well, the cops never discovered them. My hypothesis on hiding spots is to hide it in something that the cops wouldn’t generally comprehend or be accustomed with. Inside an emptied out hard-drive or a mountain or in a railroad model. A hollowed out sex doll would be good, particularly if the person having it acted kind of horny and the cop would not have any desire to touch a wonder such as this.

Somebody let me know that scented lavender oil can be utilized to cover the odor and confuse drug dogs. I’ve additionally heard that double or triple vacuum sealing your weed can contain the odor enough, yet that is absolutely a pain in the ass.

Use any hiding place you can think of, because not using one is definitely worse than using one.

Weed Wizard