If you don’t have little kids, firearms, live within 1,000 feet of a school, or have flat mates you can’t trust, then your own house is likely the most secure spot to deal from. It’s important to ensure that nobody can look in your windows and watch you selling weed. I know you’re stating “Duh” at this moment, yet I’ve seen some disregard this.

You need to ensure that people are staying for thirty minutes when they’re buying from you. I’ve said it already recently, yet it is vital and numerous clients can be extremely negligent with regards to this basic rule, so it’s essential to make it clear (without being a dick) that you cut individuals off when they don’t hang out for the needed amount of time.

It’s important to have a decent relations with your neighbors. Your neighbors are one of the significant dangers when dealing from your home, particularly if you have big parties or a stereo with great bass. If you’re at all worried that your neighbors might call the cops or the landlord because of the noise, make sure to visit your neighbors, give them your telephone number, let them know you might have an issue with getting too noisy, and tell them to call you rather than the cops. Being nice to you neighbors can enormously diminish the odds that they call the cops because of noise.

Mind your trash as well. The police can look through your rubbish without a warrant. For small pushers this presumably isn’t a huge concern, unless you have a substantial amount of stems and seeds or torn baggies.

And of course don’t start a fire. You don’t need the fire depo coming into your home and seeing your stash of bongs and such. I had a mate who dropped a pipe into a heap of clothes, then couldn’t find it and left. The fire depo showed up an hour later, after he’d left, put out the fire in his room, and found a heap of scaled bags around his work area. When my friend arrived home, his sacks were scattered over his front lawn. Evidently the fire fighters had tossed them out the window as to show him how dumb he’d been, you can guess what would’ve happened if they had notified the cops.

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