Why start selling weed?

There are loads of various reasons people start selling weed. To spend less money on weed or to make some side money, clearly, are the bigger ones. Actually, there are a lot more reasons to start selling weed. For some individuals, simply the delight of providing their companions with easy access to cannabis is good enough reason, or the feeling that they’re battling government oppression. Another real motivation to begin is just to end up more famous and bring a little energy into your life.

The lessons you learn in a year or two of dealing drugs can be a huge plus for the rest your life. Dealers can turn out to be great judges of character, and realizing what sorts of individuals you can trust is pivotal in numerous things in life. The people skills you learn are exceptionally useful, just like the capacity to think mathematically, and the cash management abilities. Discretion, and being able to say no and stand your ground, are likewise both imperative skills a decent marijuana dealer learns after some time. Drug selling additionally trains and advances something therapists call post-traditional moral reasoning, which is a man’s capacity to look past government’s laws and prejudice to truly understand the difference between good and bad which as I would see is very important to lead a happy life. Maybe the most important lesson is risk assessment skill, a decent dealer knows how to evaluate situations and potential outcomes rather than relying on feelings and perceptions.

Are you really ready?

Before you ever make your first sale, you should think about one thing: If by some odd circumstances you were to get caught for selling pot, would you have the bravery to do what needs to be done and go to prison and not cooperate with cops?

A lot of individuals don’t try to pose this question before they get in a tight spot, and don’t comprehend that police will remain absolutely determined to turn in their friends. They will be lied to by the police and make their situation much worse.

If you question your moral code, you ought to take some real time to contemplate your choice to begin dealing.

My objective here, however, is not to scare you out of selling drugs. It’s entirely simple to avoid being caught if you just follow this simple advice, and even if you get caught red handed, remember not to talk until you have an attorney, it’s usually simple to weasel out of a conviction or escape with a slap on the wrist. Government usually just tries to scare drug dealers straight for their first offence.

What you should know beforehand ?

However, there’s different things to consider before you begin distribution: your individual safety level, most importantly. Do you have folks who are prepared to call the police to attempt to teach you a lesson, or a meddlesome neighbor? Or maybe is police interested in you already? Do you have an issue of running red lights? Do you love to wear torn Pantera shirts with a jean coat and spikes? Some people attract law enforcement faster than the other.

You should also think about the situation in your family. There are innumerable teens that sell pot and hide it from their mom and dad. I don’t endorse hiding things or lying, yet sometimes individuals can be extremely closed minded and there is nothing to do about it. There are people who sell, but hide it from their significant others. This is an awful idea. You most likely wouldn’t be able to conceal it from your boyfriend or girldfriend or anybody you live with, and would end up bringing trouble to them. Vindictive exes are additionally an exceptionally common way that people get busted.

Also, you should know what the person who doesn’t condone your actions might do when they find out about your weed dealing. Would they try to make you stop or call for an intervention?

Consider these things before selling weed

Do you have a safe place where to sell weed? You should know whether you wish to deal from your home, make deliveries, or both. For small time dealers, selling from your house is usually best, since police will need a warrant to do anything to you in your home. This is an issue, however, if your clients don’t wish to come to your home, or on the off chance that you have so many of them that it pulls in your neighbors attention. You could always buy a car. It’s easy, yet not as secure. Cops can pull you over and search your car with next to no proof. Distributing becomes risky when you have to depend on other people choosing the location. I wouldn’t bother with this profession if you are planning to sell in a parking lot or other peoples cars.

Do you have earlier convictions that would add time to your sentence if you happen to get caught?

Are you planning to go into any field where a drug conviction would crush your dreams? Would you lose your present place of employment if sentenced for dealing?

The last thing to consider before selling illicit narcotics is your own personality. Do you have the self-control to not smoke your profits? Do you have what it takes to read others and decide if they’re reliable, and do you have the strength to walk away, even when they’re waving cash in your face? Do you know how to listen to your gut? Do you have mathematical thinking and the ability to manage your cash?

In particular, you should know if you have the required connections. You can’t go out and turn over an ounce if you don’t have any way to buy a new ounce. Since it can be unsafe to forcefully look for suppliers, it’s best not to consider selling pot yourself until you have somebody you can trust that can provide you with the amount of marijuana you require.

So simply take a couple of minutes to consider these things before doing anything.

Clearly your circumstance can never be perfect. I’ve seen many individuals get into the business without any knowledge about what they are doing and thinking there aren’t any serious risks. Your career as a drug dealer depends upon the amount of risk you’re willing to take. Many people need to feel safe and the thought about a night in prison and 100 hours of community service is unimaginable for them, while others need adrenaline to feel alive. Know your own risk level, read the rest of the chapters, and think about the choices you are making with a clear head.

Weed Wizard